We sat, watching Better Call Saul, thinking of how weird it was that McKinley wasn’t just totally ignoring us upstairs in her room, but that she was 4 hours away on a ski trip. The difference was palpable.

Most nights when I get home I visit with Pat for a bit, then I visit with McK for a bit, hoping to get some morsels of how her day was, how she was. It usually takes me  heading back downstairs to start supper for her to follow, headphones on, and join me in the kitchen. She’ll sit at the island while I chop and dice and slowly but surely more details of her day emerge and suddenly I am privy to the ins and outs of her circle of friends. I try and stay steady on the line of asking enough questions to keep her talking but not so many that she shuts down and retreats back into her headphones.

Yesterday at 5:45 am (yes, AM) she boarded the bus that would take her on her first ever overnight out of town with her classmates. I was super proud of my little homebody who has shown ZERO interest in sleepovers and craves the creature comforts of her own bed in her own house. She had a long bus ride ahead of her followed by 5 hours of learning how to snowboard, and ending her day with 2 hours in the pool. Needless to say when I finally got a text back it was 8:40 pm and she sounded wiped.

As we sat together last night, just Pat and I, we commented on how weird it was that not only was she not there, but that she was a 4 hour drive away. I mentioned that it was really no different than some nights where she heads upstairs to hang with her favourite You Tubers instead of us but still, agreed it felt like something was missing.

She is back tonight, 6:45 to be exact, and we cannot wait. She will be a bear, no doubt, after 2 long bus rides and two solid days of fresh air, sunshine and physical activity, but she’s MY bear, and she’s home.

Our trio will be complete again.

Simple things.


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2 thoughts on “Trio

  1. Leslie Tomlenovich says:

    Yeah…it starts to get weird when they get a life of their own. Thankfully Carter is a homebody as well. Luca…well that kid is never home! He is a boy with a lot of friends and ALWAYS want to be around them. Sleepovers at our place or a friends at least once every two weeks….he asks for more but I have to say no to that kid sometime!

    Remember one of our ski trips to Holiday Mountain when there was no heat in your Mom’s Tempo? Holy crap…what chilly fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. charmaccyt says:

    McK has no interest in sleeping anywhere but home! She’ll go hang out till all hours but when it comes time to lay head to pillow, home is where its at. And I’m a-ok with that!

    Ahhhh yes, the Tempo. I also remember our close encounter with the moose kind in the Whiteshell where we were driving on fumes and hoping for a gas station to be open somewhere along the rambling highway so we could put in our collective 6 dollars worth of gas.

    We were daredevils!!


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