Calendar Girl

If it is on the calendar, consider it golden.

I track my day-to-day in a number of ways. As previously noted, I write myself short, little emails that outline what it was that I was thinking of at that very moment that was at risk of being forgotten if it was not jotted down at that precise time.

I keep an ever-changing, ever-growing to-do list in my work notebook and my home notebook that I often reflect upon at the end of the day. Sometimes the next day’s to-do list is a carbon copy of today’s but that’s just how life goes.

Most importantly, I keep a month-at-a-glance calendar on my fridge that gets updated every month to ensure we are where we are supposed to be at any given time. I learned my lesson the hard way.

I was that mom who pulled up into an empty school parking lot, wondering briefly where everyone was before realizing there was no school that day. I was that mom who got the call at 2:15 to remind her that school was out at 2 that day. I was that mom who stopped at the store on the way to the kids party to grab a gift card and pay way more than I should for a pretty, little gift bag.

No more.

Once McK entered grade 7, knowing what “school day” it was became paramount to knowing where we were meant to be each day. You see, previously it did not affect us one way or the other, knowing what the school day was. But now, on every Day 1, she gets to sleep in a little later but more importantly, I have to remember to drive her to an entirely different school!

It took just one panicked text saying “MOM COME BACK I HAVE TO BE AT SHOPS NOT SCHOOL!” for us to start to really pay attention and get our collective calendar butts in gear.

She actually checks the calendar daily, just like I do, and adds her little comments here and there. Mostly it is the birthday’s of her favourite musicians or an outing she is particularly looking forward to/hoping we will go on.

I have, however, since decided that along with the month-at-a-glance, I could benefit from a weekly planner. I used to buy planners but wound up not using them to the fullest, skipping entire months, or getting bored by them. But I have made myself a worksheet that is a week-at-a-time printable that I can fill in with things that are important and specific to me.

Knowing what is going on each day gives me a sense of organization and calm and replaces the frazzled nerves that pop up when I realize I have forgotten things. So if you want to know what’s what….

“Check the calendar!!”


Our fridge calendar is a life saver!!


Don’t forget to download your own copy of the A Peek at the Week worksheet printable!

How do you remember special dates and weekly items? Are you strictly electronic? Calendar reminders pop up? Do you have a calendar actually hanging on your wall? Share in the comments near the top of this post.



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