Run The World

International Women’s Day.

Just one day a year on a calendar.

But it is everyday in my world.

I am surrounded by powerful, emphatic, brilliant, loving women every day and while I do not think I need a day to be told to remember that, it is certainly nice to have one.

When I follow the replies on certain tweets, our day becomes important.

When I read comments on certain articles, our day becomes important.

When I see the reaction to female refs and female coaches in male sports, our day becomes important.

When I hear the questions asked of women after winning championships, our day becomes important.

When I watch women pick apart other women, compare themselves endlessly, and view each other as competition rather than support, our day becomes important.

But then I talk to my 12 year old. The one who wants to be a million different things (currently an author), some in male dominated industries, who can slay zombies with the best of ’em, who rivals just about any of the male characters on Big Bang Theory in her love of ComicCon, and I think, maybe, just maybe, it’ll be OK for her.

And it is not because she loves to do things typically successfully executed by men.

At 12, she does not yet feel the pressure to be someone she is not. She sees both men and women excelling in the things she loves to spend her time doing. Her favourite YouTubers, her favourite authors, her favourite animes, her favourite bands. Life has been equal for her thus far. And that has built a girl who is a dreamer. A girl who thinks she can be and do any damn thing she wants to. A girl who does not yet see that the world is unfair to women (with the exception of periods, she’s pretty pissed that we have to suffer and the boys don’t!).

So I know things are still unfair and unequal, but I will always feel there is hope. There has to be an expectation set forth by our strong girls. The boys in her class are starting to learn that not only can girls do whatever they want, but that there is a solid chance they will be better than the boys at it. One step at a time.

Who runs the world?




My girl, my dreamer, she can do anything she wants to!


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