Tie One On

Thought I’d share with you a slight obsession that I have. It is not one that I shy away from talking about, nor one that I hide from people. I know at least two of my favourite people suffer from the same obsession so at least I do not feel so alone. And no amount of talking will get me to ever change my ways.

I am a scarf-aholic.

You feel me ladies?

So I decided that figuring out how to store these beauties was going to be my first official Before & After.

Before and After

Transforming the Chaos

I have a set of three stackable baskets in my closet. The bottom two baskets are full of my football paraphernalia, which, if you know anything about me, is mucho-importanto. So it is not to be touched in this process.

The top basket, however, that beast needs some work. I made a most valiant effort to keep the contents of that top basket streamlined, organized, FOLDED even. Every. Single. Scarf. Folded and neatly put away at the end of each day. And it worked. For a couple of weeks.

And then suddenly, THIS happened…

scarf pile

Giant Pile ‘O Scarves

It was on a quick trip through Dollarama that I spotted something that I thought would a) work and b) not be too labour intensive that I might actually continue to use it well after the intial “wow” period had faded.

Scarf hangers! Likely been around forever but I had not seen them before. They were perfect. I grabbed a couple of colours and set off on my merry, organizing way.

scarf rings

The adorable scarf hangers!

I dumped my basket and began to sort.

Rule number one of any kind of Before & After project…PURGE!

The best time to get rid of what you don’t use anymore is when it is all laid out in front of you. Be truthful when you do it. If you haven’t worn it in ages or heck, if you didn’t even remember that you OWNED it, get rid of it!!

I hung all of my regular scarves through the petals of my new scarf hangers and was left with a handful of infinity scarves. I opted to utilize an unused pant hanger to loop them on so that the clips at either end would stop them from sliding off.

And voila.

Off the floor. Out of the basket. Not a crumpled, wrinkly mess.

I can’t guarantee they will stay that way but when you find an item that eliminates a majority of the lazy-factor, it certainly keeps you on the right track.

What’s that? Why yes, I did notice there were a few empty spots. BRB. Gone shopping.


How about you? How do you keep things like scarves or accessories organized? I have used the compartments of a tackle/craft box to keep my earrings sorted for ages. An other ideas?


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