Move It

Recently I had convinced myself that there was no reason to wake up early in the morning for any kind of exercise because I could just as easily do it after work. This is what I told, nay, PROMISED myself. Except “after work” very quickly became make supper time, and watch Coronation Street time (yes), and hang out with McK time and make lunches time and oh lookie here, now its bed time.

So after some double checking, and triple checking, and making darn sure it just wasn’t possible to work out after work (this level of solid research took weeks, I tell you) I realized that if I was going to fit it in, it would have to be in the wee early hours of the day. Just me and the birds.

My friend Carly posted some solid advice over on her own fitness-focused blog regarding early morning wake-ups and a way in which you can make them less painful.

I was skeptical.

I figured if I am going to get up to do it, then dagnabbit I would just get up, get dressed and DO IT. No fuss, no muss, just do the damn exercise and be done.

But this new way, it makes sense. So I tried it.

I still lay my clothes out in the bathroom the night prior, that step (for me) cannot be eliminated. If they aren’t there, then neither am I. This I know.

But now, when the alarm goes off, I do not have to rush. I do not have to houdini myself into a sports bra while trying not to dislocate a shoulder. I do not have to swap socks on feet because I can’t see the L from the R (yes, my socks are labeled). I do not have to sigh as I fill my water bottle and trudge downstairs to listen to Sports Centre on mute and run to their smiling faces.

Now, I dress, go downstairs, turn on both the kettle and my computer, and have coffee while I catch up on what I missed because we all hit the sack so early.

When my half hour is up, I go downstairs and do whatever exercise I have decided I want to do that day. Post workout I relax, tidy up, and plan the rest of the day. Being able to ensure that you are on track with your day and even take a few minutes to check your calendar are precious moments to a planner such as myself.

Sleep? That’s also precious.

Feeling good and healthy and organized? Even more so.

iphone 437

Go get it!


How do you manage to fit it all in? Quality family time with quality health time? Feel free to comment and share your tips to finding the right time that works with your schedule!


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