A little about me? Ok.

A closeted introvert who outwardly appears quite extroverted because while I can easily talk to most anyone, I certainly would prefer not to.

I swear a lot. I am trying to do better but it is not as easy as it sounds. Plus they say people who swear a lot have higher intelligence. I agree.

I can’t keep houseplants alive. I have killed a cactus.

I love football and tennis. If you are a Canadian team in a big dog league I love you too. If you’re an Olympic athlete you can guarantee I will cry like your mom when you win for Canada. If I am watching a team or person I love compete, negativity is not allowed within my 5 meter radius of personal space. You will be banned, ask my husband.

Effort is admired. Hard work is idolized. Positivity is carefully nurtured and friends are kept very close, regardless of time apart.

I write. It is my preferred method of communication. Email, tweets, texts, instant messaging. Written words flow. Written words are carefully curated. Written words can be adjusted and reviewed and rewritten if your mood or thoughts or feelings change before hitting send.

I don’t even know the ring tone on my phone. If you called me, I wouldn’t answer because I wouldn’t even know it was my phone ringing.

I cannot tell you all how much I adore my near-teenaged child. I am the same as most any mom in that regard but lemme tell you, she is cool and fun and wise and shares with me things her friends don’t share with their moms and I don’t even ask why anymore, I just make sure we are always in a space where she feels she can keep doing that. She likes random and obscure things that I fully encourage her fandoms in, even when it is next to impossible to find fun things in said fandoms. I will spend hours making her cosplays because again, she’s the coolest. And she sits with me the whole time. Double score.

My husband? He can fix anything. He can take things apart that you didn’t even know could come apart and he can put it all back together as well (bonus). His happy place is in the garage, under a car, or cleaning the house (yes, I know, I’m lucky).

I love my city and all the wide open spaces that surround it. Big prairie sunsets and quiet prairie mornings make me ridiculously happy. My mind soars when we roam through the streets and check out new things in the same way that my heart soars when we escape to the woods and the lakes to touch base with Mother Nature, check in to see how she’s doing.

I work hard. I aim big. I go slowly in the direction of my dreams, finding supporters along the way.

I am a lippy thing who speaks her mind and that is likely not about to change. I also know when to hold my tongue but even when I do, my face will more than likely give me away.

This space is where I am trying to express thoughts, share ideas, find ways to improve my world and get a cluttered mind and life a little more organized.

A little less crazy. A little more simple. Sounds easy hey?


As always, feel free to send a note my way… thisprairiegirl@gmail.com.


Winter in the prairies!


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