Kit Kat Copy Cat

Now, make no mistake…

 I am no chef.

I am not someone who loves to tweak recipes and play around with spices and spend all day in the kitchen.

I will not be posting copious amounts of styled food photos or fabulous dinner party images.

I am a meal maker by necessity and have researched and attempted a plethora of different things because I have a gluten free husband and a picky kid. But I do not like it. It is far from a passion.

Every once in awhile I find a wee little recipe that sounds both easy and delicious. And before you say anything about this one, know this: if you can’t simply take it out of the package or wrap or peel and pop it in your mouth, or you have to add at least one item to one other item, that, my friends, is a recipe.

This particular recipe has a mere two ingredients. That’s how I knew I’d love it.

I found it while cruising around on Pinterest for easy GF treats that I could contribute to our Easter dinner at the pa-in-laws. And lo, the Kit Kat Copy Cat appeared. I clicked on over to the Boulder Locavore site and found what is possibly the easiest and yummiest treat I’ve yet to make. And I’ve made some easy, yummy treats!

I realize now that the photos I took to document the process are virtually identical to the ones on the website, though hers are more stylistically appealing. But hey, chocolate is chocolate and delicious is delicious so whatever.

Pat and McK were my testers and I actually got a “Holy s*&t, you actually made kit kats!” from Pat. So it’s a keeper. A sugary, bad for you, but oh so delish keeper.


Got any great quick and easy recipes you can share Drop the link in the comments! Happy to try new things if they are easy and delicious (gluten free preferred). Thanks!