When Does the anti-Hate Law Pass?

North Carolina passed a law that says you must use the bathroom that equates to your birth gender, not the gender you live and breath as.

I think they missed something.

They local yokels and likely Trump-supporters were up in arms about how they don’t want to share their urinals with a dude who used to be a woman. That dude should go use the women’s washroom.

You’re telling me that the same fella who was so against the lovely lady in grey actually using the women’s washroom, wouldn’t raise hell if the gentleman in black went in to the women’s washroom? To say nothing of what sort of treatment the woman can expect upon entering the “men’s” room.

America. Why so messed up??

And now Mississippi has passed a law that says pretty much ANYONE can refuse to provide service of virtually any kind to anyone they believe is LGBT. If you have a “sternly held religious belief” you can just up and say no. Just like that.

I really don’t even know what to say.

People may make fun of him for corny boxing photos, or may not support his party, but I’d rather have a guy like this helping Canada make the rules than have what’s happening south of our border, happen up here.


Trudeau being Trudeau

So I suppose a big thank you is in order to my parents, to my dad who is married to a lovely woman named Juanita  and to my mum, who is also married to a lovely woman named Carla, for bringing us to Canada, and not somewhere where evil seems to make the rules.

However I WILL note that huge kudos go to companies like Disney and PayPal who are removing their plans to operate their business in the states that operate the way NC and MS are, and all of the other companies and sports teams and organizations who have spoken out about their support for the LGBT community.

We’re not perfect here in Canada, not by a long shot, but by golly we could be ten times as worse as we are right now and we’d still shine like a diamond in comparison.

Oh Canada. Indeed.