Proud Gaggle of Misfits

I get schooled fairly regularly by my kid. She will quiz me on various Korean pop band members names, challenge me with various lines from The Outsiders, try her best to stump me with various characters from The Walking Dead. And most recently she has fully schooled us on all of the genders and sexualities that have been given names so that those who live them don’t feel nameless.

Her teacher actually explained these all to them and like every other time, we learned something from her.

No, not the names, or even the fact that there are technically more than 2 or 3 genders.

We learned how smart and loving our daughter is. How curious she is to understand other people. How open she is to knowing and loving them anyway. How supportive she can be when she understands and connects with an idea and how strong she can be when she believes everyone has the right to be just who they are and no one else.

I’m just a little bit proud of her.

We went to the pride parade again this year with a couple of her friends. It was a beautiful day full of colour and fun and music and people just being themselves. We wandered along the parade route once the festivities had passed and just enjoyed being a part of it all. No one was worrying about what people might be saying. No one was afraid to hold the hand of the person they loved.

When we were almost home I noticed two men crossing the street. They were holding each others hands lightly until they got to the median. When they had to cross the portion of the street with cars waiting to go, they let go of each others hands. What a sad, sad thing to witness after such a glorious day. How shitty it must be for them to have come from such a wonderful day full of acceptance and freedom to be yourself only to feel the pressure of strangers in cars and pretend like you are with your bro instead of your partner.

I didn’t bring this to McK’s attention. Giggling away in the backseat, oblivious to society’s ugly heaviness happening just feet away, I was not about to change their mood, or ruin their high from such a fun outing, by pointing this out.

No, instead I will just listen to their wild and wacky conversations, I will smile as she schools her pal on japanese rock lyrics, I will allow my heart to fill with pride of another kind, I will marvel at the little woman my little girl is becoming as she grows up and learns how to be so caring and thoughtful and aware.

We left rainbow coloured footprints on the streets of downtown this Sunday.

winnipeg pride parade

The leaders of tomorrow, ready to fight the injustices of the world!


When Does the anti-Hate Law Pass?

North Carolina passed a law that says you must use the bathroom that equates to your birth gender, not the gender you live and breath as.

I think they missed something.

They local yokels and likely Trump-supporters were up in arms about how they don’t want to share their urinals with a dude who used to be a woman. That dude should go use the women’s washroom.

You’re telling me that the same fella who was so against the lovely lady in grey actually using the women’s washroom, wouldn’t raise hell if the gentleman in black went in to the women’s washroom? To say nothing of what sort of treatment the woman can expect upon entering the “men’s” room.

America. Why so messed up??

And now Mississippi has passed a law that says pretty much ANYONE can refuse to provide service of virtually any kind to anyone they believe is LGBT. If you have a “sternly held religious belief” you can just up and say no. Just like that.

I really don’t even know what to say.

People may make fun of him for corny boxing photos, or may not support his party, but I’d rather have a guy like this helping Canada make the rules than have what’s happening south of our border, happen up here.


Trudeau being Trudeau

So I suppose a big thank you is in order to my parents, to my dad who is married to a lovely woman named Juanita  and to my mum, who is also married to a lovely woman named Carla, for bringing us to Canada, and not somewhere where evil seems to make the rules.

However I WILL note that huge kudos go to companies like Disney and PayPal who are removing their plans to operate their business in the states that operate the way NC and MS are, and all of the other companies and sports teams and organizations who have spoken out about their support for the LGBT community.

We’re not perfect here in Canada, not by a long shot, but by golly we could be ten times as worse as we are right now and we’d still shine like a diamond in comparison.

Oh Canada. Indeed.