A Letter to Myself

No. This isn’t the type of “letter to myself” you have come to expect from the internet. No lessons to my younger self. No resolutions sent to my future self. Rather, its an in-the-moment-note to me right now, so the me-who-is-busy-later won’t forget.

If you took a peek in my sent folder, I would hazard a guess that the highest volume of outgoing emails are directed at this chick, right here. I write myself notes all day long. I write them in the morning when I am fresh out of the shower and had to keep repeating the one thing I didn’t want to forget as I rinsed out the conditioner until I could dry my hands enough to unlock my phone and send the email to myself. I write them while I get my kiddo ready for school in between making her hot chocolate and changing out her lunch items because “grossssss  mommmm!”. I write them when I am safely parked while waiting for her to ever-so-cautiously cross the road to get to school.

I write them mid-invoice payment, mid-travel booking, mid-meeting planning because if I don’t write them down that instant, they are gone.

I don’t think I have a terrible memory. In fact, I’d say its quite the opposite. I can remember how to get somewhere by noticing the sign painted on the side of a building. I can tell you what you wore to a certain occasion 4 years ago. I can remember facts and figures about multiple sports and multiple players at any given time. But if you want me to remember to put the boots in the car that someone wants to buy from me off Kijiji in the morning or to check the Funko Pop website to see if the have The Outsiders figures, into an email it goes. (Yes, those were literally my last two emails to myself.)

I get that this won’t work for everyone. Some people can’t be bothered to write stuff down, on paper OR keyboard. Some people can remember the mundane little tasks like picking up dish soap or looking for ski goggles.

But me? I want it in writing.

I want to see that I have one unread email that tells me what I am supposed to do next.

These emails to myself are yester-years little scraps of paper. Some tidbits get added to the calendar (just like my mom used to do), some get taken care of and deleted, some get replied to over and over again as more items are added to the list.

But nothing gets forgotten.


She’s digging in her purse for her scraps of paper!


With so much seeming to go on at the same time, and a bunch of tasks that are perhaps not date-focused enough to need a calendar notification, how do you keep track of everything? Leave a comment up near the top and share your tips!