Meal Planning for Dummies

I am not a chef.

I believe I referenced this in my last post where I highlighted my ability to melt chocolate chips (honest moment: it took awhile to learn how to do that successfully without burning them or making them into solid, gritty piles of nothing).

So when I think of what to make for a weeks worth of dinners, I flounder a little. Add to that my child exists on pasta and my husband has the stomach of a most delicate flower, my options shrink.

I have a roster of “hits” that I can make knowing they will be eaten and appreciated. But even the most steadfast repeat-eater (def: one who can eat the same thing regularly and not get sick of it) will eventually tire of the same 5 meals rotating through their belly.

Every now and then I try to get a little fancy. I attempt to broaden my horizons, expand my reach if you will. Once, I even made mahi-mahi. That’s right. (It’s a fish, I had to look it up back then too). Upon completing the mahi-mahi masterpiece, I was asked if it should be given to the dog or just thrown out. (For real, this happened, and yes, we’re still married.)

Keeping that SUPER successful experiment in mind I occasionally have to reign myself back in and abandon the crazier looking results from my Pinterest searches. These searches now typically involve the keywords gluten free, easy, quick, three ingredient, slow cooker, picky, did I mention easy?

When I meal plan there are two rules:

Keep it simple.

Know your audience.

We typically will have something with beef, something with chicken, something super fast, something that doesn’t require cooking, and something that is typically a little bit piece meal.

This week, for example, we will have:

Chicken, gravy, potatoes and veg (yes, I buy the pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, SO EASY!)

Beef tacos with all the fillings on GF tortillas.

Homemade pizza on GF crust.

Italian sandwhiches on GF sub buns with salad.

End of week usually nets you a grilled cheese and some potato chips. Its Friday. Live a little. Or we’ll pick up some Thai. Either way, low effort, bits and pieces, easy for me.

By adding these meal ideas to my Meal Planner Worksheet I can begin to see what I already have in the house versus what I need to add to my grocery list for the week. Knowing this, I can then determine where I will go to get my groceries. While just about every grocery chain has a plethora of gluten free foods available, there is just one nearby that has the GF tortilla brand that doesn’t crack into a million pieces when you try to actually roll something up in it!

So with my meal plan prepared I can now add the “needs” to my grocery list and I am good to go. Grocery shopping becomes quick and easy and I don’t end up with an abundance of things we won’t use before they go bad or multiples of things we already had tons of in the pantry.

Keeping things on the simple side, knowing the likes and dislikes of who you cook for, being aware of the inventory of your fridge and pantry, these things give you back time in your week and contribute to a smooth transition into dinner time.

No matter who in your house does the cooking, spending a few moments getting prepared each week is something worth investing in. Some people plan a week at a time, some plan a month at a time, some use spreadsheets, some use meal planners like the one I made.

However you choose to equip yourself for the meals ahead, know you are adding efficiency into your life. By doing this one step prior to the start of your week, you have taken an often frazzled and stressful task  and turned it into a simple undertaking.

Simple is good.

Especially when they want to eat every night!

meal planning for dummies

Meal Planning for Dummies makes dinner easier!


What do you do to make your mealtimes a success? Any pre-cooking tips? Found any great recipes? Share in the comments!

And download your own copy of my Meal Planner Worksheet! Save yourself some time each week!


Kit Kat Copy Cat

Now, make no mistake…

 I am no chef.

I am not someone who loves to tweak recipes and play around with spices and spend all day in the kitchen.

I will not be posting copious amounts of styled food photos or fabulous dinner party images.

I am a meal maker by necessity and have researched and attempted a plethora of different things because I have a gluten free husband and a picky kid. But I do not like it. It is far from a passion.

Every once in awhile I find a wee little recipe that sounds both easy and delicious. And before you say anything about this one, know this: if you can’t simply take it out of the package or wrap or peel and pop it in your mouth, or you have to add at least one item to one other item, that, my friends, is a recipe.

This particular recipe has a mere two ingredients. That’s how I knew I’d love it.

I found it while cruising around on Pinterest for easy GF treats that I could contribute to our Easter dinner at the pa-in-laws. And lo, the Kit Kat Copy Cat appeared. I clicked on over to the Boulder Locavore site and found what is possibly the easiest and yummiest treat I’ve yet to make. And I’ve made some easy, yummy treats!

I realize now that the photos I took to document the process are virtually identical to the ones on the website, though hers are more stylistically appealing. But hey, chocolate is chocolate and delicious is delicious so whatever.

Pat and McK were my testers and I actually got a “Holy s*&t, you actually made kit kats!” from Pat. So it’s a keeper. A sugary, bad for you, but oh so delish keeper.


Got any great quick and easy recipes you can share Drop the link in the comments! Happy to try new things if they are easy and delicious (gluten free preferred). Thanks!